Hong Kong - our home.

Cathay Pacific Virtual is one of the newest virtual airlines to take to the skies of Infinite Flight. We aim to uphold the highest possible standards for our pilots, and, although we are not directly affiliated to Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. in any way, we still endeavour to maintain the everlasting flair that Hong Kong will always represent; even in the toughest and darkest times.

Cathay Pacific Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd..

All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and are used under a license from Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

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Cathay Pacific Virtual was founded in mid-2020 and approved by the IFVARB shortly after. Cathay Pacific Virtual is now a leading Virtual Airline within the Infinite Flight Community with numerous pilots, events and codeshares.


The goal at Cathay Pacific Virtual has and will always be to focus on the overall realism we provide our pilots with. Accepted applicants will be able to endure the unique experience of flying under a well constructed system of ranks and other realistic approaches to the VA. Of course, we also want to proudly represent the beautiful country of Hong Kong.